A Thoughtful Start

Posted by   Wes Berry on 2016-01-06

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Six months ago I sat with a good friend, and sometimes business partner, discussing work and the realization that I wanted to do something more, I wanted my career to have a purpose. I defined the parameters of my “dream job”, something contemplated before without clarity, but I finally was at a point where I knew what I wanted to do. Over the past few years, two worlds have become a source of interest and happiness in my life; digital media and helping people. By chance, I’ve found myself emersed in the world of digital media, creating websites, running social media campaigns, and developing digital brands. During this same period giving back to my community became increasingly important as I devoted my free time to non-profit work. I love both of these worlds; they complement my passion and skills in a way work hasn’t up to this point. My “dream job” would be a utilization of my digital media skills for a greater good although I didn’t yet know how. I did know funding is the catalyst of change and, through working with community groups, finding funding is perhaps the biggest obstacle to achieving goals.

As things often happen when you put them out into the universe, the same good friend is seeking a similar path, to give back to the world and create change for the better. Aside from being someone I work well with and trust, he brings to the table viral marketing strategies capable of directing large volumes of traffic, sending millions of visitors to sites or specific pages. He creates viral content. When applied to fundraising, this is a game changer. Reaching and engaging an audience is the intent of any fundraising campaign, yet many organizations representing worthy causes aren’t capable of reaching their target audience, hindering them from doing good for their community. Crowdfunding gives a cause a platform for people to donate easily but doesn’t help an organization with marketing to a broad audience. The ability to connect organizations to potential donors in high volume via viral marketing creates a fundraising potential currently not available.

As President of a small non-profit in Atlanta, one of the most challenging obstacles I face is connecting with individuals and corporations that may be interested in our mission and want to donate. Also, I often have conversations where someone has a desire to get involved with non-profits matching their interests, but may not know how to locate them. There are two needs, connecting donors to worthy causes and letting organizations know what corporate funding is available, giving criteria, and how to apply. Our goal is to solve both of these. The Thoughtfulness Directory allows donors to search for causes based on category and location, and we work to partner corporations with non-profits and causes meeting their giving criteria.

For worthy causes seeking help with fundraising, Thoughtfulness offers a viral crowdfunding platform. We will run campaigns for you, telling your story to millions of potential donors. Realizing organizations may not have funds to run a campaign, the Thoughtfulness Fund will cover upfront costs. As the Thoughtfulness Fund grows, we will be able to fund more causes.

Thoughtfulness is an opportunity for me to give back on a larger scale. It gives worthy causes a chance to tell their story to the word and donors the ability to search for causes close to their heart. Thoughtfulness hopes to fund research that needs to occur, give startups a chance to change the world, and allow non-profits to do more in their community. It is my dream job, but my dream has now grown. Connecting people and organizations with causes they care to fund and solve issues in our community is a win-win for all involved. Thoughtfulness is a platform for change, but also a way of life. I want to live a more thoughtful life, and I know others do as well.



Wes Berry

Wes is a project manager, website platform builder, inventor, and concerned citizen focused on construction, digital media, and non-profits, that wants to live a more thoughtful life focused on positive change; he created Thoughtfulness.org to help facilitate the effort. Wes holds a BS in Architecture and a Masters in Building Construction and Facilities Management from Ga Tech. To contact, please email berrywes@mac.com or visit www.wesberry.net for more information.