Sustainable Communities, Prosperous Nation – For All

Posted by   Wes Berry on 2017-01-14

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America, as a nation, is not sustainable. Our current rate of consumption exceeds available resources, and our current economic structure benefits a small minority. There is an increasing, staggering, divide between wealthy and poor and the stress caused by dwindling resources and inequality will continue to lead to civil unrest. Proposed “solutions” are partisan, further stressing our…

Living In The Gay South

Posted by   Seth Persily on 2016-06-13

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This is an appeal to my LGBTQ community, our friends and our allies. For the last year I’ve watched as we’ve relaxed and celebrated (and I’ve celebrated too!). We Won Marriage, and Yes, that’s a dream come true. But the reality is that for me and millions of other gay people, things have actually been getting a lot…

Atlanta’s HIV Crisis – What We Are Up Against

Posted by   Wes Berry on 2016-03-14

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Atlanta (GA), is in the midst of an HIV/AIDS crisis. Each time new HIV/AIDS statistics for Atlanta (GA) are released, the numbers seem to be worse than before. In a time where medical advancements are such that someone with HIV can take medication to reduce their viral load to zero (thus non-transmittable per studies), and…