What’s going on with Those Semi-Colon Tattoos We’ve Been Seeing Lately?

Posted by   Wes Berry on 2016-06-06

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Have you seen a semi-colon tattoo and wondered the meaning behind it? Well, us too, so we did some research.

Evidently someone gets a semi-colon tattoo to represent a struggle they or someone close to them have with depression and/or mental health. It also helps spread hope and opens the door for discussion about suicide prevention.

USA Today wrote an article about it. Many people who have gotten their tattoo have shared not only photos of their symbols, but also their stories, which others posted inspiring messages and words of encouragement.

We were so moved by some of the stories on this Facebook page that people shared that we decided to share their stories with our readers in hope that it will help inspire and spread a message of hope:


Jaime Sheldon 

This is Jaime Sheldon. She got her semicolon tattoo because she suffers from depression, anxiety and chronic pain. Her tattoo also signifies her support for other people in her life who also suffer from depression and anxiety.


Nicole Youngblood

This is Nicole Youngblood. She decided to get her semicolon after reading an article that discussed The Semicolon Project. She is someone who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder, depression, and a panic disorder. She’s had a rough battle and decided to get her tattoo on her dominant arm to ensure that she always sees it. It serves as a reminder that tomorrow is a new day and even if today is a hard day she will get through it.


Andy Mikos

This is Andy Mikos. He has had a long battle with depression and unfortunately lost his father to suicide. His semicolon tattoo and the words around it are meant to serve as a reminder of his father as well as his father’s advice to him. When he looks at his tattoo he is reminded that he is never alone and that he should always live life to the fullest.


Lisa Crawford 

This is Lisa Crawford. Even though she has quite a few tattoos she expressed that none of them have as great of a significance to her as her semicolon. Her tattoo serves as a reminder that although depression ruined her mother’s life and took her brother’s life, she would never let it consume her life.


Erin O’Toole 

This is Erin O’Toole. She got her semicolon as a symbol of support for both of her sisters. She also added the tattoo of an infinity symbol because she wanted them to always remember that she would be behind them 100% for infinity.


Stephanie Williams 

This is Stephanie Williams. She got her semicolon tattoo with her partner after hearing about The Semicolon Project. This is not just any tattoo for her, it’s her first and it has a deep significance to it. She and her partner have suffered from depression and she suffers from severe anxiety attacks. She strongly feels that her partner is the reason she is alive today and these tattoos are there to remind them both of that.


Amber Scott Guerrero

This is Amber Scott Guerrero. Her semicolon tattoo is there not only for herself, but also for her mother, who lost the battle with depression in 2002, and her daughters who struggle with depression and self-injury. She also draws a semicolon on her 7 year old grandson in order to help him cope with his struggle with emotional regulation.


You can call it a trend, or a movement, or anything you like really, but the truth is, the semicolon represents survival, hope, and spreads awareness. That, is what is most important!


If you or someone you know has suicidal thoughts, please call your suicide hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) or 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).  

Deaf suicide hotline 1-800-799-4TTY (1-800-799-4889)


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Jaime Sheldon 




Nicole Youngblood



Andy Mikos



Lisa Crawford 



Erin O’Toole 



Stephanie Williams 



Amber Scott Guerrero



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