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We are Rainbros, an Atlanta-based 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to building healthier communities for positive change.

Immediate Funding Need

*THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN FUNDED AND IS CURRENTLY INSTALLED AT THE INTERSECTION OF 10th and PIEDMONT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!* Still Too Busy To Hate - 10th & Piedmont Building Wrap - Fundraiser for Local Atlanta Charities


In the ‘60s, Atlanta was dubbed “The City Too Busy To Hate.” Today, we seek to continue Atlanta’s decades-old commitment by standing up against intolerance and hate in all its forms. In the current political and social climate, we believe it is important to proclaim, as a city and community, that all individuals are deserving of love, hope, and protection. We have designed an art installation to stand testament to our commitment to create a world in which everyone is welcomed and celebrated. Installed on the historic corner of 10th & Piedmont, every heart in the wall will be filled by the name of a person or group that we love and are still too busy to hate. This building wrap will be unveiled at a special ceremony with speakers hosted at 10th and Piedmont on October 7th at 5-7pm (and will be up through the first quarter of 2018). 

The following local charities have been selected to receive donations from this project:

Trans Housing Atlanta Program

Lost-N-Found Youth

Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights

The Link Counseling Center

The Atlanta Women’s Foundation

We want everyone to be a part of contributing to this artwork with their creativity and support. Donors who give $100 or more will be able to contribute by leaving a personal message in one of the 342 hearts, including their name and who they are too busy to hate. Your contribution will remain an integral part of this art installation through the end of the first quarter 2018. After your donation, we will email you a mock-up of your personal heart(s) for you to approve and share. While this art installation, by its existence alone, will send a strong message of acceptance and support, we seek to make a more concrete impact.

Every dollar raised by this fundraiser will be used for the artwork or given to local charities in Atlanta to affect positive change.

Levels of Giving:

All Donations And Messaging For Personalized Hearts Must Be Received By End Of Day September 26th. 

$100+: Your commitment to love will be commemorated with a personalized heart on the wall.

$250+: In addition to creating your personal heart, you will be contacted and given the option to choose where you would like your heart to be placed.

Requests will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

$500+: In addition to all previous offers, your name and generosity will be listed on all printed and electronic promotional material.

$1000+: You will receive all previous offers AND you will be publicly thanked at the unveiling of the art installation on October 7th.

We will read an optional short statement by you about who you are too busy to hate and why they inspired you to donate.

With the completion of the art installation we hope to raise over $25,000. The listed tiers are simply suggestions, no donation is too small to make a difference in the fight against intolerance.

Heart specifications:

Hearts measure approximately 6.25 x 7.75 inches.

Maximum of 34 characters (including spaces) for large script text.

Maximum of 160 characters (including spaces) for block text.

Maximum of 30 characters (including spaces) for the name/business line.

There are four easy design options you can pick to personalize your heart. Choose the kind of message that best suits you and you will type it in after you click on the “Personalize a Heart Now” button below.

1. Simply list your name as a sponsor
2. Divide the donation with friends and list your names as sponsors together
3. List something you love / support with your name underneath
4. Leave a loving memorial to a past friend or family member

 About the project:

We believe in total transparency and want you to know where every single penny of your donation will go. Here are the associated costs with the installation of this artwork, which is made possible by the generous donations of Prima Printing Atlanta and Keylay Design:

Design Services: $5,000 $0 (Donated by Keylay Design)

Print, Lamination, and Installation: $11,000 $6,000 ($5,000 donated by Prima)

Repair Contingency (if not needed, will be donated to selected non-profits): $1,800

Total cost funded by donors = $7,800

*Cost Update – These expenses were above and beyond our original estimated cost:

Dj – Project Unveiling Event: No Cost To Project

Food – Project Unveiling Event: No Cost To Project

Off Duty Police Officers – Project Unveiling Event (Given the nature of the event we wanted to assure safety): $180 Each x2 = $360

Traffic Cones – Project Unveiling Event: No Cost To Project

Printing Cost Adjustment: We had to reprint one panel ($250) and we added a banner for the event ($195.97) through Prima = $445.97

Adjusted Project Total: $8,605.97 
*We are still holding $1,800 contingency until after the wall is taken down, to be donated if not used. 

There are no fundraising platform fees (beyond the 2.9% + .30 per transaction charged by PayPal) thanks to the generosity of All funds raised beyond the cost of the art installation and the PayPal fees will be given directly to the aforementioned charities.

Please direct any questions to:





Please support Atlanta – Still Too Busy To Hate by sharing on social media.
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